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At  CoMe Stand, we offer a selection of sake varieties for you to savor the rich flavors and unique appeal of sake. Our bar offers a wide range of sake brands and styles, from crisp, clean sake to rich, complex ginjyosu, to suit the tastes of our diverse clientele. Whether you're a novice or an experienced sake connoisseur, our bar offers expert tasting and service to help you enjoy the pleasures of sake. Come and explore the world of sake with us at our home bar!




Sake, one of the essence of Japanese culture, carries a long history and rich traditions. Its history dates back thousands of years and originated in ancient Japan. Initially used in rituals and religious ceremonies, sake evolved into a beverage used in people's daily lives. Over time, the brewing process of sake has been perfected, gradually evolving from simple fermentation to an art that encompasses complex techniques and mastery of the art.



Welcome to COME STAND. When it comes to 'rice', besides sake, which is made from rice, it's Japanese onigiri. We offer aromatic onigiri with a selection of domestically produced rice and a wide variety of ingredients.

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