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Step into our hotel rooms, where spacious luxury meets stunning bathroom designs, every corner of this accommodation has been taken care of.  Offering an oasis of comfort and elegance for a truly exquisite stay.



Experience the luxury of our hotel: a full glass bathroom with marble-patterned tiles, featuring a large bathtub for two and a comfortable shower. Fully equipped with a complete set of bathroom amenities including toiletries, hairdryer, and bathrobes. Additionally, each room is furnished with advanced air conditioning, high-speed WiFi, and a high-definition projector, ensuring both comfort and convenience during your stay.

Room Introduction

Our comfortable and elegant guest rooms are furnished with spacious beds and ambient lighting for a warm and comfortable stay. The most striking feature is our bay window section, which has been transformed into an area with a combination of a solid wood table and a sofa, ideal for sipping tea and enjoying the view, providing you with a unique experience of Japanese culture.


Local Attractions

Located in the center of Tokyo, our apartment is close to famous spots like Senso-ji Temple, Sumida River, Matsuzakaya, Ameyoko Market, and Akihabara Electric Town. With just a few minutes walk you will be able to explore the Ueno-Asakusa area and have a taste of  traditional Japanese food and culture. We also have a 24-hour convenience store nearby and supermarkets. Our place is on a main street with a police station nearby, ensuring a safe stay. Please enjoy the mix of Tokyo's old and new, where history meets today's life.

 If you're looking for a "rice" themed sake experience, [COME STAND], located on the first floor of our hotel, is the place to go.

 Whether it's sake with a Japanese flavor, beer with a refreshing taste, or shochu with a strong kick, we've got you covered.

 Especially for sake, do you know only ginjo and rice wine? If you come to our bar,our staff will chat with you while you sip various kinds of sake.



Contact Us


9F, 3-17-4 Ueno, Taito-ku

Tokyo, Japan 110-0005


Tel: 03-6879-9879

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